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Maderia Party with the Rare Wine Co.


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1. PB & J*  - Peanuts/Strawberry/ Bread - Anywhere, USA
Just like mother used to make! Well, almost like mother used to make, if she had thought to pair it with this favorite style from Charleston.

Paired with: Charleston Sercial Special Reserve
The driest wine in the series, this style has been served with meals in the United States for nearly 300 years.

2. Parmigiano Reggiano - Raw Cow - Italy
The undisputable King of cheese to many, this particular wheel was aged for 2 months extra at Caseus and provides a mellow and rounded nutty flavor.

Paired with: Savannah Verdelho Special Reserve
Lightly sweet with a zesty acidity to keep it fresh, the palate reveals notes of candied citrus, ginger, and honey.

3. Pate Provencal - Pork - Hayward, CA
Fabrique Delice in Hayward California, is preparing classic French charcuterie there own way, using only the finest quality ingredients.

Paired with: Boston Bual Special Reserve       
Noticeably sweeter than Charleston Sercial and Savannah Verdelho, Boston Bual still boasts a remarkable balance and refreshing acidity.

4. Poco Dolce Olive Oil Sea Salt Bar - Cacao/Olive Oil/Seasalt - San Francisco, CA
Established in 2003, owner Kathy Wiley is making her “little sweet” chocolates by hand using fresh and local ingredients. Famous for her sea salt topped tiles, the olive oil bar offers a more smooth and palatable option for a Madeira of this caliber.

Paired with: New York Malmsey Special Reserve
The sweetest wine in the series, NY Malmsey demonstrates why Madeira is one of the world’s greatest dessert wines.

5. Cheddar Montgomery - Raw Cow - United Kingdom
Wonderful bandaged cheddar aged 13 months that offers the earthy complexity and sharpness to compliment this special bottle of Madeira.

Paired with: 1922 D’oliveria Bual