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Rulo de Cabra - Goat - Murcia                                               
Similar to French Bucheron, this bloomy rind cheese from a farmer’s cooperative in southeastern Spain is mushroomy, with tangy citrus notes.        
Mahon - Cow - Minorca                                           
This cheese is rubbed with olive oil and paprika as it ages, yielding a distinctive orange rind and a nutty, slightly sharp, slightly salty flavor.

Tetilla - Cow - Galicia       
Smooth, creamy, buttery, and mild flavored. The name “tetilla” means nipple, and when you see this traditional cheese you’ll know why! Versatile and a great melter.

Patamulo - Sheep - Teruel
Aged 2 to 4 months, this beautiful loaf is traditionally wrapped in gauze and tied with a ribbon.

El Hidalgo - Sheep - La Mancha                   
Although made from the milk of Manchego sheep, this cheese is coated with fresh Rosemary and aged about 15 months, so we can’t technically call it Manchego.

Arecena Dona Manuela - Raw Goat - Andalucia                      
This cheese from the southeast of Spain, is made using a “sweating” technique typical of the region the result is delicious flavor and “elegant goaty aromas.” What could be better?

Cabrales - Raw Cow - Asturias  
The most popular blue from Spain, labeled D.O.P. it is produced in small quantities and aged in caves to acquire its characteristic creamy piquant flavor with hints of dark chocolate, wine, walnuts.